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 Rulles (English)

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Mesaje : 8
Data de înscriere : 02/08/2009
Varsta : 30
Localizare : Timisoara

MesajSubiect: Rulles (English)   Dum Aug 02, 2009 6:06 am

Dont make caracter who contain this sign:!,@,#,$,%,^,&,*,(,),_,+,|,?,{,[,},],~,<,>,
Any caracter with this sign it will be deleted without any anouncements,so please try to create normal name to your caracter!
1.Inadequate Language (BL):

Bad language is not accepted in any away.
1 Warning 3 day suspend
2 Warning 5 days Suspend
3 Warning Delete Acount

2 Scammers/Black mail

2.1 Any attempt to trick a player through trade will be punished.
2.2 Any kind of blackmailing is strictly forbidden.
2.3 In order to prove an attempt of blackmailing or scam you will need prints with the trade and the discussion between the scammer and you.

3. Threatening other players, or impersonating an admin/game master
1st warning: 5 days suspend
2nd warning: 10 days suspend

Ks in Arena
4.1 A party full is a party formed by 4/5 players.
4.2 A player can shoot alone on a spot as long as he doesn’t KS a full party by doing this.
4.3 It’s not considered KS if a player or an incomplete party comes and shoots over another player or another incomplete party.
4.4 A player or an incomplete party have the obligation to leave the spot if the spot is being occupied by a full party.
4.5 If a player or an incomplete party refuses to leave / PKs / stations on a spot occupied by a full party, he or the whole incomplete party will be banned.
4.6 In the case of an illegal take (party full/incomplete makes ks/take to another party full) the whole party who was wrong will be banned.
4.7 In arena, at the cages, everyone in the party must be present inside the cage. On other maps, the party must be ON SPOT and visible in the print.
4.8 For reclamations, you need print with party full alone on spot, and other prints with at least 3 mins of ks/stationing.

5. KS at the golden or PK-ing someone while fighting the golden

1 Warning 2 days at lest
2 Warning 5 days at lest
3 warning Delete Acount

6. Cheating

All cheating attempts result in delete account and the IP being filtered.

7. Advertising other servers

Will result in the account being deleted and the IP filtered.
Cool Pk
pk its allowed every where excepts arena and golden invazion
1 Warning 3 days suspend
2 WARNING 5 days suspend
3 Warning unlimited suspend
This rule is only for Pk on the : arena & golden invazion!
not alowed pk on a gm caracter !!

9. Staff Members

8.1. Disrespectful attitude / BL towards any of the Staff Members is forbidden;
Punishment: ban ranging from a simple kick to permanent and IP ban in extreme cases

9.2. Any threats made to a Staff Member are forbidden;
Punishment: account deletion and IP ban in extreme cases

9.3 You have the obligation to collaborate with admins, to show items if you are asked to do it, and to generally answer in any situation. GMs will never ask you for your password.

9.4. You must stop any hostile actions against other players when a GM appears near you, especially if your hostility is aimed at the person(s) who called the GM;
Punishment: ban for 3 days

9.5. It is forbidden to lie to Staff Members;
Punishment: ban ranging from 1 week to 1 month

9.6 It is forbidden to say you are Staff Members, or friends/relatives of the Staff Members.
Punishment: ban ranging from 10 days to acc deletion in extreme cases
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Rulles (English)
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